God’s Plan For Me

When I started the third grade, we were assigned a story to write about how we spent our summer vacation. That happened to be the only summer vacation I had ever taken, to California with our cousins.

While we were there, we went to Seal Beach, where we found sea shells and made sand castles in the warm sand. I loved the water, but was also afraid of it. As the shallow water lapped my legs, I enjoyed the warmth, so I moved a little closer to the sea.

I felt the waves climbing higher and higher; first my waist, then my neck, then my mouth. I could taste the saltwater in my mouth and nose. I couldn’t breathe. The sun grew dimmer and dimmer. I was going to drown. The waves pulled me out to sea, but just as I was going under for the last time, the strong hands of the lifeguard dragged me back to shore.

However this was happening only in my mind. The gentle waves were too weak to even draw the seashells out to sea, only deep enough to wash the sand off my tiny feet. I had the feeling that I would drown, but my mother and aunts were keeping a close watch on us little ones.

That was the first story I wrote, but that experience stuck with me and I was encouraged to write poetry by a high school assignment. My senior year a poem I wrote in the form of a sonnet was published in the Oklahoma High School English Teachers Anthology.

I’ll never forget the moment that inspiration came to me, when I suddenly saw, really saw a one-way street sign, so that was the first devotional I ever wrote—that there is only one way to heaven, through Jesus Christ.

God has a great plan for us, and I’m so glad that I seemingly stumbled into God’s plan for my life—to be his writer.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV.



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Do Thanksgiving Differently

What is your ritual for Thanksgiving?
Say grace, (maybe the only time of the year you do that) dig into the turkey and dressing, eat till you are stuffed, watch a little football, visit with family, take a little nap, wake up and eat leftovers for supper. Hey what’s wrong with that?Nothing except that it has been a dull routine that never changes from year to year.
Well, this year, shake it up a little. Do it differently. Do it from your heart.
When you take that first bite of turkey and dressing, don’t shovel it down like you haven’t eaten in a week. Savor each bite. Taste the delicate flavor of the sweet potatoes, enjoy the real mashed potatoes. Feel the tingle of the dill pickles and black olives. Relish the flavor of the cranberry sauce. Linger over the pecan pie with whipped cream. Forget your diet for one day and savor real food. Take a taste of everything, even if you think you don’t like it.
When you visit with family, really listen when they talk. I know, you have heard your aunt’s stupid stories year after year and she always wants to kiss and hug you. It’s boring and stupid, but this year do something different. Kiss her back. Listen to her with the ears of your heart and hear the stories of her struggles with ears of love.
When the ballgame starts, root for your favorite team and really get into it. Don’t just half-way follow the game. Give it your whole attention.
When you take a nap, really enjoy it. Crawl up on the couch or recliner and take a nap. Don’t just sit in the chair with your head drooping, halfway asleep. Really sleep.
This is the year to experience Thanksgiving to the fullest. Be glad for your family and friends. Rejoice that your table is so full it is just about to bend in the middle. Love and live life to the fullest.
And thank the God of heaven and earth through His son Jesus Christ for it all.
Lavon Hightower Lewis
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