Reading About Heaven


I love to read about and dream about heaven. Books about heaven are on the New York Times Best-sellers List. The book “Heaven is for Real” written by Todd Burpo has been No. 1 nonfiction paperback on The New York Times’ best-seller list for 59 non-consecutive weeks. Another book 90 Minutes in Heaven written by Don Piper and co-written by Cec Murphey is another on that list. A third book Proof of Heaven written by Eben Alexander is another best seller. All three tell their personal stories of their death, trip to heaven, and return to life here on earth.

Some religions believe that heaven or hell doesn’t exist but that we have our heaven or our hell on earth according to how we live our lives. One religion believes that only those who are martyred will go to heaven, but another believe that there is an exact number of people who will go to heaven, that there is no hell, and that all the other people will just cease to exist at their death.

I believe in heaven and hell—a literal heaven and hell.  I believe the doctrine of judgment after death when each person will enter either heaven or hell, based on one thing—being born again through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

There are many different things to discuss about heaven—what kind of a body will we have? Will we know each other when we get to heaven? Who will go to heaven? What is heaven like? So many other questions.

Where do we get the answers? Oh, how I love to read the books about people who have died, gone to heaven, then returned to life, but even so, I don’t get my beliefs from them, but I get my beliefs from the Bible.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8 NKJV.

Heaven is the eternal home of God,  therefore surely what He says about heaven is the truth.







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Mama’s Birthday


What do you buy your Mother for her birthday when she turns 97 years old? We used to ask her, “What do you want for your birthday, Mama?” and she’d always say, “I just want my babies around me for my birthday.”

When we were kids, we made her cards or drew a pretty picture or embroidered a handkerchief.  After I was old enough to get a job, I remember the thrill I felt when I bought her something with my very own money.

She loved to celebrate our birthdays. We always got something for our birthday and usually got to eat out.  Since there were 4 of us kids, we ate out at least 6 times a year—once for each of us, once for Mama, and once for Daddy. We usually ate out for Daddy’s birthday even if he wasn’t home for the weekend, since he worked out of town. That seems so cute to me now, that we celebrated Daddy’s birthday without him.

We ate out usually on Sunday after church. And we seldom celebrated on our exact birthday. In fact, Mama always said that we celebrated our birthdays all month. I realized when I was grown that she didn’t always have the money on our birthday, so when she got the money, we celebrated.

I don’t remember any of the presents Mama got me for my birthday, but I haven’t forgotten the times we ate out.

How did Mama do it, raising four kids basically on her own, since Dad was gone so much? Well she kept us in church and in school activities, in Camp fire girls, and school plays, plus piano lessons. Two of us played in the band and two sang in the chorus.

What is the one gift that would make Mama the happiest on her birthday? Having all her babies around her one more time.

“When I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am persuaded is in you also. “  II Timothy 1:5.

Yes, my mama’s name is Eunice too, just like Timothy’s.



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